New propulsion order for a newbuild icebreaker

Steerprop has received a new order for two 2.5 MW SP 60 PULL ARC propulsors to be delivered to a newbuild icebreaking vessel. This strengthens Steerprop’s position as a global supplier of propulsors of this size that can operate in extreme arctic conditions.

As the Arctic summer sea ice continues to melt, arctic routes are experiencing substantial increases in traffic. Although transiting via the arctic waters may cut as much as 50% off the days at sea, it also adds more risk of uncertainty to the route. With the ever increasing number of shipowners investing in vessels capable of navigating through ice, Steerprop’s 2.5 MW PULL ARC propulsors are gaining popularity for vessels that need free-running efficiency and ice-milling capabilities in icy waters.

Experience matters

“We were selected to deliver this special solution to a newbuild icebreaker, thanks to our long-term experience in delivering robust propulsion technology to icebreaking vessels,” says Tapio Aho, Sales Manager at Steerprop.

To date, Steerprop has delivered over 85 ice-class units, most of them now operating in some of the harshest arctic conditions. “This order strengthens our position in the market when it comes to providing demanding icebreaker applications,” he continues. “And we hope that this will open up other new similar opportunities in this niche business sector.”

Rugged throughout

The Steerprop SP 60 PULL ARC propulsion units have been designed and built with multiple layers of redundancies and fail-safes for safe, reliable and efficient operations in the most extreme operating conditions. These advanced propulsors combine ice-breaking power with the reliability of mechanical construction and the accurate controls of modern automation technology.  

This special azimuth propulsor technology provides outstanding performance in all kinds of ice management operations. The ability to direct the vectored thrust from the propeller in a full 360 degrees allows the vessel to widen fairways, blow ice ridges or free arctic installations from the ice.

For more information, please contact:
Tapio Aho, Sales Manager, Steerprop, Tel. +358 40 727 1203