Steerprop Care – an integrated system for propulsion condition monitoring

One of the worst things that can happen to a vessel at sea is when a key component or system breaks – and help is far away.

Today, that no longer needs to be a concern. We’re delivering condition monitoring as standard with every Steerprop propulsors, enabling shipowners and crews to achieve the highest reliability for their vessels – and ultimately, attain peace of mind.

The Steerprop condition monitoring system, called Steerprop Care, consists of equipment with the latest technology in the industry, coupled with today’s cloud computing. It enables us to accurately interpret the condition of the propulsion unit and its components. It also allows crew members to follow trends in their machinery and detect in advance any deviation that could affect the propulsion system. This offers shipowners and crew the highest possible reliability, based on enhanced predictability, safety and productivity. By taking a proactive approach, costly breakdowns can be avoided.

When you can predict failure in rotating equipment before it breaks down, you save time and avoid any safety issues along with the direct and indirect costs of a breakdown at sea. Condition monitoring allows you to plan and schedule a replacement before issues occur. It gives you a better understanding of the scope and extent of service needed. Moreover, it is much cheaper when you know beforehand that a component needs to be replaced. You do not need to replace any components prematurely. You can plan your dry-docking in advance, avoiding additional costs and time pressures, for the repair work.

Safety is every vessel’s #1 priority. The reliability achieved with condition monitoring increases safety by reducing the number of lost-time incidents caused by unplanned breakdown work. Studies show that maintenance technicians are those most likely to be injured, especially when they have less than two years of experience and are doing reactive work, fixing something in a rush rather than using a proactive approach to help them repair or restore it before it breaks. Accidents happen five time more often during unplanned breakdown work. This is because everyone is in a reactive mode under pressure – correcting a fault as quickly as possible, rather than having the option of calmly planning ahead.

Also, the economic benefits of condition monitoring are substantial. By increasing predictability, it takes less time to fix problems. This lowers maintenance costs and raises productivity, driving costs down.

Steerprop now includes Steerprop Care Standalone condition monitoring system as a fully integrated part of every propulsor delivery. This gives you a view of alarms, trends, time waveforms and spectrums. Now both ship owners and crews can rest more easily, knowing they have the safety and reliability of a condition-monitored vessel.

We also offer an online monitoring service, called Steerprop Care Plus, as a second-level option at an affordable price. This transfers the work of monitoring to Steerprop engineers, who follow your propulsion system’s trends and notify the crew of any development that might cause future problems. Steerprop Care Plus monitors the complete propulsion system, including signals and alarms from the control system, along with traditional vibration measurements.

Our third level, Steerprop Care Premium, includes all features from the Plus version with additional vibration measurement points and added oil monitoring sensors that measures particles, water content, temperature, die-electricity, conductivity etc.

Steerprop Care Plus and Premium both offer an optional real-time fleet overview, with an informative view of the propulsion system condition. This enables our customers, such as fleet managers, to follow their fleet’s propulsion system condition regardless of time or place. The fleet overview is a flexible tool that can be tailor-made to fit every customer’s needs.

With this online support, we follow trends, alarms and real-time data to monitor whether any vibrational or other issues in the propulsion system are developing. We provide quick response time, and all trends and data are stored in the cloud so they can be viewed from your laptop or tablet anywhere in the world.

Steerprop Care condition monitoring gives you just the support you need. Our technicians are ISO 18436-2 certified vibration analysts and fully committed to your safety. Steerprop is taking reliability to a completely new level, by enabling you to take a proactive approach to maintenance and safety with every propulsion delivery.

About the author:

Jarkko Sirrola, Predictive Maintenance Manager at Steerprop, is passionate about condition monitoring and seeing any emerging fault before it becomes a costly challenge. For him, predictability, safety and productivity all add up to unrivaled reliability. In fact, we so strongly believe in this proactive approach, we’re adding our Steerprop Care condition monitoring system in every propulsor system delivery. We’re happy to tell you more.

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