Steerprop strenghten customer relations with appointment of new Director of Sales and Project management

Leading azimuth propulsion expert, Steerprop, has long traditions on customer centricity and technologically demanding solutions that have a real impact on ship performance. To continue to strenghten customer relations and commitment Steerprop has merged sales and project management with the appointment of Mr. Juho Rekola as the new Director Sales and Project Management of the Company, effective from June 1st, 2020.

Rekola has been with Steerprop since 2017, and has a deep knowledge of company’s products and solutions. Rekola joined Steerprop from Alfa Laval, where he worked years in various responsible positions and was involved in international marine projects and R&D. In Steerprop and in his recent position at Alfa Laval, Rekola has worked in customer projects to develop solutions for better performance and economical operation of vessels.

“Ship owners and designers are facing new challenges with tightening legislation and requirements for ship efficiency and emissions regulations. This position offers me the opportunity to bring a new perspective to Steerprop and marine propulsion systems and really demonstrate how at Steerprop we can overcome these challenges through our expertise.” says Rekola.

Director Sales and Project Management

“One of Steerprop’s founding principles is to be the best in what we do. Not only in our products but our delivery and aftercare. With Mr. Rekola’s appointment we are strenghtening Steerprop’s commitment to our customers to resolve to perform” says Riku-Pekka Hägg, Steerprop President and CEO.


For more information:

Mrs. Johanna Innola
Brand and Communication Manager
Mobile: +358 44 750 1125

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Introducing the next generation of Steerprop Control System – with every new delivery from July 2020

At Steerprop, we’ve upgraded our propulsion control system to provide the best operability for our customers. During the development process, we added many new properties to make the control much simplier while keeping our outstanding existing properties and high quality standards.

As of July 2020, new Steerprop Control System will be delivered as the control system with every new propulsion delivery. This upgrade allows us to serve you even better with our superior quality, reliability, serviceability, user friendliness and flexibility.

Steerprop Control System also ensures the longest possible
spare parts availability and lifecycle for future propulsion
system deliveries.

Control System

Support and spare parts for all previous systems remain available via Steerprop Service.

For more information:

Esa Peltomaa, Chief Design Engineer

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Building a more efficient route in the Finnish archipelago

What enables a ferry to operate more efficiently and sustainably on its route between two islands in the vulnerable Finnish archipelago? It’s about being the best at what you do. Steerprop together with Suomenlahden Telakka have now completed a highly efficient retrofitting project for Finferries’ Prostvik passenger and car ferry.

This project represents a big step forward in energy efficiency.  The old diesel-mechanic system was replaced with electric distribution using Steerprop’s 10 CRP LM propulsion units with an integrated 400 kW permanent magnet motor. The delivery also included a modernized control system and intuitive control panels. Steerprop provided these highly customized units on a short delivery schedule.

“The ferry was originally built in the 80s.  The good and close cooperation with Finferries and Suomenlahden Telakka made this retrofit project possible. It was essential that we could do all checks onboard during the design phase when the ferry was still in operation as well as at the yard during the conversion,” says Olli Knihti, Sales Manager at Steerprop.

Meeting more stringent regulations

Suomenlahden Telakka, the largest small-tonnage vessel repair and maintenance shipyard in Finland, strong advocated the technology to Finferries. “We know Steerprop’s LM configuration saves space in the vessel and brings a greater level of simplicity to the engine room,” says Jukka Jaatinen, Managing Director of Suomenlahden Telakka. “Additionally, it was a more straightforward installation process for us, since the propulsion system is extremely compact with lower weight.”

Now in operation, the electric propulsion system brings greater economic advantages to Finferries. “The diesel engines can run according to the power requirement, and fuel consumption is optimized. The ferry also has a DC link, which allows future upgrades such as adding a battery to the vessel,” states Olli Knihti, Sales Manager at Steerprop.

Steerprop’s solution is ideal for the numerous ferries operating around the world, as regulations become even stricter, not only on a global level but even more so at the local and regional level, such as in the Finnish archipelago.  

“Steerprop is committed to the principle of where meeting customers’ needs is at the core. And only the best will do. This ferry retrofit is good proof that our solutions and way of thinking create great results for our customer and also for the environment,” Knihti continues.

Innovative contra-rotating propeller (CRP)

The Steerprop 10 CRP LM propulsor system offers excellent efficiency. The dual-end CRP combines the exceptional maneuverability of azimuth propulsors with low pressure pulses and noise levels. The integrated vertical permanent magnet motor provides reliable high-power propulsion, increased fuel savings and lower emissions. Steerprop has delivered over 140 CRP units to vessels throughout the world.

For more information, please contact:

Olli Knihti, Sales Manager, Steerprop Ltd., Tel. +358 40 019 1943

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Open Position – Foreman

We are looking for reinforcement to join our Steerprop team in Rauma, Finland:


As a foreman, you will supervise our skilled assembly team in their daily operations, keeping our production unit organized and on schedule.

Assuring the quality and safety of our production is one of your main responsibilities. Previous experience in the engineering industry and from supervisory positions will help you succeed in your job.

This position requires:

  • A determined touch in your job with good communication skills
  • Experience in the engineering industry
  • Basic computer skills, with experience of production management programs being an advantage
  • The ability to read drawings and good technical knowledge
  • A good command of writing and speaking in English

For more information, please contact our Production Manager Jukka Mäkilä, / Tel. +358 40 730 1900. The best times to contact him are: April 16, 2020 from 10–11 am and April 20–22, 2020 from 12–13 pm.

Please send your application latest by April 30, 2020, with your salary request and curriculum vitae, by email for confidential review to

Steerprop’s response to COVID-19

At Steerprop, the well-being and safety of our customers, partners and employees are of our highest concerns.

Due the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Steerprop has encouraged its employees to work remotely, avoiding travel and face-to-face meetings. Our production unit is running with fewer personnel to secure that our deliveries run as smoothly as possible.

Spare part sales and deliveries will take place as usual. Emergency spares will be sent out during the same day, but non-urgent deliveries may take some additional time due to the situation.

If this situation extends, it may be difficult for us to receive parts from our suppliers, causing delays in our outbound deliveries.

Steerprop Care data analyzing service will not be affected. Only short delays may be possible in our scheduled reporting process. Our Steerprop Service 24/7 number can be reached at all times.

During this unusual time, we are fully committed to providing you with the best customer care and service possible. All of our team members can be reached by phone or email and are happy to answer your questions.

Open positions in design team

We are looking for reinforcement to join our Steerprop team in Rauma:


You are a Mechanical Engineer or M.Sc., a confident user of 3D design software and know the basics of material strength calculations.

You have at least three years of experience in machine and equipment design and are willing to work with the mechanical development of demanding and versatile products. You will be involved in the development of new products, as well as designing project-specific applications.

You have good social skills and are a persistent and focused planning professional. You can effectively manage technical functionality and can work under tight schedules and changing conditions.

Strong written and spoken English is necessary, and other languages are an advantage.

For more information:
Jari Vanhatalo, tel. +358 44 7501116. Contacts from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Please send your application with your salary request and curriculum vitae, by email for confidential review to



You are a Mechanical Engineer or M.Sc. and a confident user of 3D design software. You have experience in machine and equipment design and are willing to work with the mechanical development of demanding and multifaceted products. Basic knowledge of hydraulics and machine dynamics is an advantage.

As a member of an experienced development team, you get to take part in new product development and designing project-specific applications. The position gives an opportunity to become a top professional in the field.

Strong written and spoken English is necessary, and other languages are an advantage.

For more information:
Jari Vanhatalo, tel. +358 44 7501116. Contacts from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Please send your application with your salary request and curriculum vitae, by email for confidential review to

Industry expert appointed to drive Steerprop strategic ambition

Steerprop’s Board of Directors has appointed Riku-Pekka Hägg as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. Hägg will begin in his new role at the start of January 2020.

As former Vice President of Ship Design at Wärtsilä, Hägg brings decades of maritime technology know-how, digital and strategic experience to Steerprop. This appointment will help strengthen the company’s strategic ambitions to take advantage of the upcoming changes in the marine industry.

“Steerprop shares my passions and values to ensure efficient and sustainable shipping in the future. Together with Steerprop’s skilled personnel, we have the possibility to make great things to happen for the company, the industry and the environment.” says Hägg.

Hägg is a well-known maritime technology strategist and thought leader internationally. He has been a strong advocate for safe, efficient and sustainable shipping in his role at Wärtsilä as well as in his role as Chairman of the Management Board at the ONE SEA alliance, an organization that is leading the way toward an autonomous maritime ecosystem by 2025.

Hannu Heino, Chairman of Steerprop’s Board of Directors, describes Hägg to be an experienced business leader and strategist with strong experience in numerous leading positions. With his experience and technical background, the company can achieve a stronger position as a solution provider in the fast-changing maritime industry.

Riku-Pekka Hägg_crop

“I’m very much looking forward to being part of one of the leading azimuth propulsion companies in the world. My main focus will be to bring greater value to Steerprop’s partners, suppliers and customers,” adds Hägg.


For more information:

Mrs. Johanna Innola
Marketing Communications Planner
Mobile: +358 44 750 1125

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Steerprop joins European Tugowners’ Association to enhance information sharing

During summer 2019, Steerprop joined the European Tugowners’ Association (ETA), which represents the interests of the towage sector at the EU level. This new membership aims to strengthen Steerprop’s ability to gain insight on evolving trends in the tug market sector and offers the company an opportunity to share knowledge about the latest propulsion development with other members.  

The European Tugowners’ Association has transformed over the years from a purely London-based association in 1963 to now representing the towage industry at a continental level. The association advocates the tug sector’s interests both in Brussels as well as in other European capitals and helps distribute information about the crucial role of this sector for the EU economies.

According to Tapio Aho, Sales Development Manager for Steerprop, this new membership allows Steerprop to keep up to date with the latest developments in the tug market and to participate in the association’s events.

“We’re also looking forward to meeting the decision-makers in the sector. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our knowledge of how the technology for main propulsion is developing and the benefits that Steerprop has to offer this particular workboat sector,” he says.

The ETA mission

The European Tugowner’s Association’s mission statement is: To be the voice of the European towage industry, to foster safety values and protection of the environment as well as to promote the interests and respond to the needs of the members.

Through policy and technical expertise, sharing best practice, and public affairs and communication activities, ETA aims to promote the towage industry interests and its contribution to EU trade. It also plays a significant role in implementing safety and sustainability in maritime activities.

Steerprop’s contribution to tugboats

Specifically for tugs and workboats, where endurance, reliability and agility are essential, Steerprop offers specialized designs and world-class expertise. The company’s ducted propulsors have proven their quality in tugboats all over the world. The latest generation of propulsors raises efficiency and robustness to unprecedented levels. They offer hydrodynamic enhancements for superior bollard pull and high free-running efficiency. With ice conditions or transit, Steeprop’s CRP is the right choice.

For more information:
Tapio Aho, Sales Development Manager, Steerprop Tel. +358 40 727 1203

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Celebrity Flora, the first expedition mega yacht of its kind specifically designed for the Galapagos Islands, started maiden voyage with Steerprop CRP

Shipyard De Hoop in the Netherlands selected Steerprop to deliver two contra-rotating propulsors (CRP) to Celebrity Flora, the brand-new innovative luxury expedition cruise vessel. On May 18, the ship set off on its maiden voyage towards Las Palmas before it crosses the Atlantic. For Steerprop, this marks the first delivery of its high-efficiency CRP technology to a seagoing cruise vessel.

In 2016, Steerprop was contacted by Shipyard De Hoop to give a proposal for a luxury cruise vessel propulsion system that required the highest levels of efficiency along with low noise and vibrations, both inside the vessel and under the water. De Hoop chose Steerprop as one of the contenders based on the good cooperation the two companies have enjoyed since 2001, the year Steerprop was founded.

“We’re really proud and excited to have been involved in this prestigious project,” says Jussi Tarvainen, Sales Manager at Steerprop. “This type of luxury vessel has extremely high demands for efficiency and performance, and we were able to fulfill them.”

“Expedition mega yachts like Celebrity Flora are a growing segment, and our propulsion technology and special expertise are perfect for sensitive environments and ice classes,” he continues.

Built-in efficiency

SP 20 CRP units were selected for the vessel based on their unsurpassed efficiency and ability to operate in strictly regulated marine environments. The dual-end CRP offers exceptional hydrodynamic qualities with its specially engineered underwater body. Noise levels and vibrations are extremely low, which was vital for this particular vessel.

In addition, CRP provides outstanding maneuverability with its advanced azimuth propulsor design and excellent efficiency. The vessel will also be able to take advantage of the high fuel savings and low emissions that the propulsion system provides.

To date, Steerprop has delivered over 800 propulsors operating reliability on a wide range of vessels, including ice-class units.

More about Celebrity Flora

Celebrity Flora began sailing in the Galápagos from Baltra on June 30, 2019. The most energy-efficient ship of its kind in the region, Celebrity Flora was designed specifically to explore the Galapagos. Celebrity’s signature outward-facing design concept gives guests 360-degree views of the islands at virtually every turn. The all-suite luxurious accommodations surround guests with every creature comfort, including service provided by personal attendants. Unique to Celebrity Flora are the first-ever glamping experience at sea in the Galapagos, new dining venues, an open-air stargazing platform, expert-led ecological seminars, and custom-designed Novurania yacht tenders, which create a seamless sea-to-shore experience. Bookings are open at or through a travel advisor, for the ship’s alternating seven-night inner and outer loop itineraries and selection of 10-, 11-, and 16-night packages, which feature either pre- or post-cruise expeditions.

More about Shipyard De Hoop

Shipyard De Hoop was founded in 1889 and has developed into one of the most established yards of the Dutch shipbuilding industry. At Shipyard De Hoop, the focus is on designing, engineering and building custom vessels, both for the inland and seagoing markets. Celebrity Flora was built at De Hoop Lobith, in the eastern Dutch province of Gelderland, one of the shipyard’s two shipbuilding facilities.

For more information, please contact:
Jussi Tarvainen, Sales Manager, Steerprop,
Tel. +358 44 750 1114

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Atlantic Towing aims for best-in-class energy efficiency with Steerprop’s propulsors

Steerprop will deliver two of its hallmark contra-rotating propulsor (CRP) units to Canadian Atlantic Towing Limited’s latest platform supply vessel (PSV), the Atlantic Harrier. The vessel will be designed and built by Havyard Ship Technology in Norway and is scheduled for delivery in April 2020. The new vessel is part of Atlantic Towing’s strategy to offer its customers large cargo capacities with outstanding fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Steerprop was selected thanks to its long relationship with Havyard Ship Technology and numerous successful propulsion projects that they have completed together. Atlantic Towing is a new customer for the shipbuilder.

“This marks another contract between Havyard Ship Technology and Steerprop, and a new ship to service,” says Hannu Jukola, Senior Sales Manager at Steerprop. “Our CRP technology is perfectly suited for this particular type of hull. Additionally, the propulsion system enables Atlantic Towing to reach the high level of energy efficiency that they aim to attain with their new large cargo PSVs.”

“We look forward to having Steerprop on board with us for this exciting project and have, as always, high expectations both for performance and the cooperation,” says Hanne Reite Keyn, Purchasing Manager at Havyard Ship Technology AS.

Steerprop will deliver two SP35 CRP propulsion units with a power of 2,100 kW per unit. The technology has been specifically designed for vessels that need to operate in the harsh Atlantic coastal conditions in the North Atlantic and North Sea. Along with having an Ice Class 1B notation, the new 294-foot-long PSV has a 10,785-square-foot deck area, large cargo tankage and can accommodate up to 54 people. 

Innovative dual-end contra-rotating propeller (CRP)

The Steerprop 35 CPR propulsor system offers outstanding speed and unsurpassed efficiency, thanks to the hydrodynamic qualities of the underwater body design. The dual-end CRP combines the exceptional maneuverability of azimuth propulsors with low-pressure pulses and noise levels.

To date, Steerprop has delivered over 800 propulsor units to vessels throughout the world. The design has been tested and verified in action for decades.

For more information, please contact:
Hannu Jukola, Senior Sales Manager, Steerprop, Tel. +358 40 838 8643

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