Since 2001, we have delivered more than 750 propulsors to vessels working in the arctic, offshore and cruise industries. Our solid track record of references includes 85 ice-class units and deliveries to 8 icebreakers. 

What makes a Steerprop propulsor special is its unrivaled efficiency and reliability, low noise and vibration levels, condition monitoring system with remote service and low life cycle and maintenance costs. 

Our experience is matched only by our expertise – our passion for partnership. Our ideal client is a shipowner with an eye for the future. Someone who loves the seas as much as his vessels – and yearns for sustainable profit and a small carbon footprint. 

  • The world’s largest mechanical azimuth propulsor to date – 9 MW
  • Ice-class experience since the 1970s
  • 8 icebreakers currently using our solutions
  • Since 2000, one of the highest delivery rates in the market for icebreaker azimuth propulsors
  • 1st contra-rotating propulsor installed in 2001 on a river cruise boat