Dependability is especially critical in harsh arctic environments. That’s why we build redundancy into every ARC azimuth propulsor. And with their robust mechanical transmission, reliability is built in. They also excel in ice-management operations. Ice milling is also frequently used. Controlling vectored thrust – slipstream – over 360° enables ships to open and widen channels, to blow ice ridges and free arctic offshore installations from ice pressure. 


Icebreaking endurance

Power and reliability

  • Power range 800 – 16,000 kW
  • Z-drive and L-drive configuration
  • Pull and push configuration
  • Open or ducted propeller available
  • Modern electrical azimuthing
  • Electric motor prime mover
  • Available in any ice class
The Steerprop ARC arctic azimuth propulsor line has been designed and built with multiple layers of redundancies and fail-safes for reliable, efficient and safe operations in the most extreme operating conditions. These advanced propulsors combine ice-breaking power with the reliability of mechanical construction and the accurate controls of modern automation technology. 
Azimuth propulsors are a tool second to none in ice management operations. Thanks to its ability to direct the vectored thrust from the propeller – the slipstream – in a full 360 degrees, the thrust itself can be used to widen fairways, blow ice ridges or free arctic offshore installations from the ice.


Innovative evolution

Speed and efficiency

  • Power range 3,000–20,000 kW
  • Z-drive and L-drive configuration
  • Modern electrical azimuthing
  • Electric motor prime mover
  • Steerprop technology: push-pull contra-rotating propellers
  • Available with classification in any ice class
  • Modern, pollution-free air shaft seal technology
  • High mechanical efficiency with pressurized lubrication

Steerprop CRP ECO offers several benefits:

  • Unsurpassed efficiency due to hydrodynamic qualities of underwater body
  • Increased fuel savings and lower emissions
  • Low pressure pulses and noise levels
  • Optimized for a wide array of operational profiles without compromising efficiency

Steerprop CRP ECO combines the advanced hydrodynamic qualities that make our CRP propulsors uniquely efficient, with the same fail-safe levels of redundancy that make all our ARC propulsors durable and reliable. The end result is a supremely efficient, reliable high-power propulsor for applications requiring high power and high reliability.

The eco-efficient CRP ECO product line has been expanded with the new, compact and cost-effective CRP ECO LM propulsor with an integrated vertical permanent magnet (PM) motor.

Steerprop CRP ECO LM, with reduced lifetime costs, improved fuel-efficiency and low vibration and underwater noise levels, offers benefits to shipowners, builders and designers, and to the environment as well. The compact construction facilitates installation and maintenance, and maximizes onboard comfort.