Steerprop’s Lifecycle Extension Services’ retrofit will add decades of reliable operations to Alfons Hakans’ tug Dunker

What if your vessel has mechanically many years to go, but electrical systems are badly outdated? This was a problem tug operator Alfons Hakans was facing until Steerprop’s Lifecycle Extension Services were offered to the tug called Dunker. Modernizing and consequently ensuring the reliability of the control system will add at least 15 years of operations to the tug, according to Alfons Hakans’ assessment.

When Alfons Hakans recently bought the vessel Dunker, they gave it a full health check. The vessel’s hull as well as the old propulsion units were all mechanically in very good condition. However, the electrical parts of the vessel, especially the propulsion control system, from control levers to the propulsion internal control system, had seen better days. Operating the ship with unreliable and outdated technology would be challenging and needed immediate attention.

“We have worked with Steerprop previously on a similar project, Artemis, and we were very happy with the success of that project. It was natural to approach them regarding modernizing the Dunker as well,” says Tuomas Raumanen, Technical Manager at Alfons Hakans.

“Additionally, Steerprop was able to offer several custom-made engineering solutions to fulfill our quite specific operational needs,” Raumanen adds.

To resolve Alfons Hakans’ challenges with out-of-date propulsion control system technology on the Dunker, Steerprop held thorough discussions with the captains and technical personnel of the vessel, gathering direct feedback and requests for various technical features to the updated solution. Close cooperation with the customer enabled Steerprop to engineer a retrofit installation based on a customized scope of Lifecycle Extension Services, which will considerably ease the vessel’s operations in the future.

The delivery will include a state-of-the-art control system for the existing propulsion units, the main propulsion bridge equipment, and a renewed service relationship. The retrofit project is scheduled to take place in autumn 2023.

Steerprop’s high-quality control system offers a first-class maneuvering experience and high operational reliability, as well as control levers that are equipped with full redundancy, enabling complete follow-up backup control. The system also allows for remote service support via the Steerprop remote service module.

“We are extremely pleased that Alfons Hakans has chosen to strengthen our already excellent cooperation and decided to develop their fleet with us. Nurturing close customer relationships and resolving challenges for, and together with, our customers has always been at the core of our business,” says Esa Peltomaa, Technical Sales Manager at Steerprop.