Retrofit installation of the improved Steerprop Control System puts you back in control

Shipowners and operators are fully aware that minimising operational risks at sea is vital to maintaining profitability. And part of that process is ensuring that critical spare parts are quickly available. Having an old control system may result in the unavailability of obsolete components and parts. To prevent this, Steerprop has upgraded its propulsion control system to provide superior operability for all its customers. "During the next generation development process, we added many new features to simplify the control system while still maintaining the existing systems", says Juho Rekola, Director, Sales & Project Management at Steerprop Ltd.

Since July 2020, every new Steerprop propulsor delivery comes with the new Steerprop Control System. With the upgraded system, Steerprop’s customers can enjoy a product of superior quality, reliability, serviceability, user-friendliness, and flexibility. And the best of all: "The new system can also be installed for older units as a retrofit for any existing Steerprop propulsor. Thanks to our skilled engineers and the flexibility of the control system, we can even integrate the system with other propulsor makes", explains Mr Rekola.

Tailormade all the way

The older a control system gets, the higher the risk of problems due to obsolete parts. This was also the reality for Steerprop’s customers. Therefore, the company wanted to develop a new control system that would eliminate this risk for existing vessels. The result is a system that can be tailored to fit and integrate with current onboard equipment. Steerprop can now ensure the longest possible availability of spare parts for the upgraded control system.

The new system can also be installed for older units as a retrofit project.

The Steerprop Control System is the best option for shipowners wanting superior operational reliability and high quality, which is ensured by control levers with full redundancy, enabling a complete follow-up backup control. "All levers are NAUT OSV compliant and feature non-wearable, maintenance-free sensors for azimuth operation and speed", says Mr Rekola.

The entire control system, including controllers, cabinets and control panels, is tested together with the propulsor. This is part of Steerprop’s rigorous quality assurance. Steerprop’s skilled personnel will work closely with you to ensure the best support and results throughout the entire installation process, including adaptation to existing onboard systems. "We will also take care of the start-up, onboard testing and commissioning to minimise the entire retrofit process."

We’re with you 24/7

This next-generation control system is built with modern and proven PLC control technology. The comprehensive backup system has robust features for maximum redundancy and an off-line monitoring mode to increase availability. The upgraded system also allows the customer to have remote service support via the Steerprop remote service module. "This is a modern solution that allows Steerprop’s service engineers to do fault tracing remotely and assist the onboard crew without visiting the vessel", says Mr Rekola.

Every new propulsor comes with the standard Steerprop Care condition monitoring system. The system allows crewmembers to follow up on machinery trends and detect any deviation in advance. "This is a feature that can be easily upgraded to online monitoring for the highest possible reliability and safety, so you are never left alone", ensures Mr Rekola.

Steerprop’s advanced control system is available for newbuilds or as retrofits, regardless of the propulsor make or existing systems. Manoeuvring with this system gives you a first-class steering experience that can be further enhanced with personalised control profiles according to preferences. The Steerprop Control System is a perfect fit for those who want to be in control.