Summer trainees with resolve to perform

Are you interested in starting your career in a co-active working community, where you can learn from and share your skills with leading experts in their fields?

We are seeking summer trainees with resolve to perform for several positions at our headquarters in Rauma:

Mechanical Engineering
As a trainee you will have the opportunity to participate in the design of azimuth propulsion units with real project tasks, together with the support of our professionals. The position is best suited for mechanical engineering students or similar. Advanced studies in mechanical engineering and structural analysis is a benefit.

Electrical and Automation Engineering
As a trainee you will be involved in multiple tasks within technical support and electrical & automation design. You will also have the opportunity to further develop your skills with the support of our professionals. Advanced studies in automation technology and power electronics is a benefit.

Project Engineering
As a project engineer trainee, you will work with our project management team in international delivery projects within the growing maritime industry. You have the opportunity of developing your project management skills with the support of our professionals. We are open to modify the role and responsibilities according to the selected candidate’s interest.


You must be studying or have just completed a degree in a related field. Good spoken and written English is also required.

If you are interested in joining our growing group of likeminded professionals, please apply by February 28th via email to steerprop(at)

We also welcome thesis applications, so feel free to contact us!

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Open position of Project Manager

Oletko etsimämme PROJEKTIPÄÄLLIKKÖ asenteella resolve to perform?

Haemme nyt kasvavaan asiantuntijoiden joukkoomme projektinhallinnan ammattilaista, joka on valmis sitoutumaan toimintaperiaatteisiimme ja halukas tuomaan oman panoksensa menestystarinaamme maailman parhaiden potkurilaitteiden valmistajana.

Projektipäällikkönä johdat vastuullasi olevat projektit tehokkaasti ja taloudellisesti aina niiden alkamisesta takuuajan loppuun asti. Projektin eri vaiheissa teet tiivistä yhteistyötä eri sidosryhmien, kuten asiakkaiden, myynnin, hankinnan, tuotannon sekä toimittajaverkoston kanssa. Olet myös mukana kehittämässä projektitoiminnan toimintatapoja osana asiantuntijatiimiämme.

Odotamme sinulta teknisen alan koulutusta, kykyä itsenäiseen työskentelyyn, halua kehittää omaa osaamistasi sekä intoa rakentaa onnistumisia yhdessä muiden huippuosaajiemme kanssa.

Yrityksemme toimii kansainvälisessä merenkulun ympäristössä, jonka vuoksi hakijalta edellytetään suomen kielen taidon lisäksi sujuvaa suullista ja kirjallista englannin kielen taitoa. Muu kielitaito lasketaan eduksi.

Tarjoamme sinulle monipuolisen työn, loistavat työkaverit sekä vakituisen työsuhteen edut vakaassa ja kasvavassa yrityksessä. Työpaikka sijaitsee Rauman toimipisteessämme.

– – – 

Kiinnostuitko tehtävästä?

Lähetä hakemuksesi, ansioluettelosi ja palkkatoiveesi 7.2.2021 mennessä luottamuksellisesti sähköpostilla osoitteeseen Paikka täytetään heti sopivan henkilön löydyttyä.

Lisätietoja tehtävästä antaa myynnin ja projektihallinen johtaja, Juho Rekola:
+358 440 723 476 /

open position
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Steerprop 20 year anniversary

This autumn we celebrated our 20 year journey as Steerprop. I had the opportunity to reminisce some of the steps along the way. What really stood out, story after story, was the foundation Steerprop was built on: customer centricity, our resolve to perform and fit-for-purpose solutions kept coming up. As we move forward, those are still the principles we adhere to.

And that’s why I would like to use this opportunity to thank all our partners, customers and other stakeholders for joining us in realizing this journey. And thank all of you already ahead of time for your partnership as we head towards our next decade.​

Markku Mattila​
Founder, co-owner and Senior R&D Advisor​
Steerprop Ltd.

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Predictive maintenance in arctic shipping

When operating in harsh arctic conditions, reliability plays a really critical role. A reliable vessel is a safe and cost-effective vessel.

Jarkko Sirrola, PdM Manager at Steerprop, is passionate about condition monitoring and seeing any emerging fault before it becomes a costly challenge. For him, predictability, safety and productivity all add up to unrivaled reliability.

Want to hear more?
Watch the video and find out why predictive maintenance is important in arctic shipping.

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Steerprop azimuth propulsion to propel shallow-draught icebreaking walk-to-work vessel

The world’s first double acting, shallow-draught ice-breaking vessel, built by the Dutch shipyard Royal Niestern Sander for the Russian companies Mercury Sakhalin and Pola, will be fitted with Finnish Steerprop’s azimuth units as its main propulsion and steering system.

The walk-to-work vessel will operate all year round in harsh ice conditions, transferring service technicians and equipment to and from offshore platforms from Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East.

“The vessel is designed to have maximum ice breaking capacity stern first and is capable of breaking one meter of ice”, says Olli Knihti, Sales Manager at Steerprop. “The vessel will be working in shallow waters, which is a restricting factor for the propulsion system. Thanks to our compact design of the propulsion units, we could offer a solution that fits within the draught limitations.”

The contract includes two Steerprop SP 60 PULL ARC propulsors with an input power of 2200 kW each. They are designed for use in arctic conditions and have multiple layers of redundancies. Also included in the order is the Steerprop propulsion control system and Steerprop Care condition monitoring system, which offers the highest possible reliability, based on enhanced predictability, safety and productivity.

Steerprop will deliver the main azimuth propulsion system for a walk-to-work vessel that will start serving offshore platforms on the east coast of Sakhalin Island in December 2021. The vessel is commissioned by a joint venture between the Russian companies Mercury Sakhalin and Pola. Photo credit: Royal Niestern Sander

“The vessel is almost 76 meters long and 14 meters wide, and as it conforms to Bureau Veritas’ (BV) icebreaker 5 ice class rules, the propulsors’ ice-breaking power will really be put to the test”, Knihti says. “One specialty with our azimuth solution is the ability to direct the slipstream from the propeller in a full 360 degrees. It means that the propeller race can be used to widen fairways, blow ice ridges or for example free arctic offshore installations from ice.”

The vessel will be delivered in December 2021 and Steerprop’s propulsors will be delivered in June 2021.

“The vessel will be operating in challenging ice and weather conditions where reliability and efficient performance are mandatory”, says Knihti. “Steerprop has a two-decade long experience in building extra demanding azimuth propulsors, always tailored to the customer’s needs, and we are very pleased to be cooperating with Royal Niestern Sander in this prestigious project.”

For more information, please contact:

Olli Knihti, Sales Manager, Steerprop Ltd., Tel. +358 40 019 1943

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Steerprop strenghten customer relations with appointment of new Director of Sales and Project management

Leading azimuth propulsion expert, Steerprop, has long traditions on customer centricity and technologically demanding solutions that have a real impact on ship performance. To continue to strenghten customer relations and commitment Steerprop has merged sales and project management with the appointment of Mr. Juho Rekola as the new Director Sales and Project Management of the Company, effective from June 1st, 2020.

Rekola has been with Steerprop since 2017, and has a deep knowledge of company’s products and solutions. Rekola joined Steerprop from Alfa Laval, where he worked years in various responsible positions and was involved in international marine projects and R&D. In Steerprop and in his recent position at Alfa Laval, Rekola has worked in customer projects to develop solutions for better performance and economical operation of vessels.

“Ship owners and designers are facing new challenges with tightening legislation and requirements for ship efficiency and emissions regulations. This position offers me the opportunity to bring a new perspective to Steerprop and marine propulsion systems and really demonstrate how at Steerprop we can overcome these challenges through our expertise.” says Rekola.

Director Sales and Project Management

“One of Steerprop’s founding principles is to be the best in what we do. Not only in our products but our delivery and aftercare. With Mr. Rekola’s appointment we are strenghtening Steerprop’s commitment to our customers to resolve to perform” says Riku-Pekka Hägg, Steerprop President and CEO.


For more information:

Mrs. Johanna Innola
Brand and Communication Manager
Mobile: +358 44 750 1125

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Introducing the next generation of Steerprop Control System – with every new delivery from July 2020

At Steerprop, we’ve upgraded our propulsion control system to provide the best operability for our customers. During the development process, we added many new properties to make the control much simplier while keeping our outstanding existing properties and high quality standards.

As of July 2020, new Steerprop Control System will be delivered as the control system with every new propulsion delivery. This upgrade allows us to serve you even better with our superior quality, reliability, serviceability, user friendliness and flexibility.

Steerprop Control System also ensures the longest possible
spare parts availability and lifecycle for future propulsion
system deliveries.

Control System

Support and spare parts for all previous systems remain available via Steerprop Service.

For more information:

Esa Peltomaa, Chief Design Engineer

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Building a more efficient route in the Finnish archipelago

What enables a ferry to operate more efficiently and sustainably on its route between two islands in the vulnerable Finnish archipelago? It’s about being the best at what you do. Steerprop together with Suomenlahden Telakka have now completed a highly efficient retrofitting project for Finferries’ Prostvik passenger and car ferry.

This project represents a big step forward in energy efficiency.  The old diesel-mechanic system was replaced with electric distribution using Steerprop’s 10 CRP LM propulsion units with an integrated 400 kW permanent magnet motor. The delivery also included a modernized control system and intuitive control panels. Steerprop provided these highly customized units on a short delivery schedule.

“The ferry was originally built in the 80s.  The good and close cooperation with Finferries and Suomenlahden Telakka made this retrofit project possible. It was essential that we could do all checks onboard during the design phase when the ferry was still in operation as well as at the yard during the conversion,” says Olli Knihti, Sales Manager at Steerprop.

Meeting more stringent regulations

Suomenlahden Telakka, the largest small-tonnage vessel repair and maintenance shipyard in Finland, strong advocated the technology to Finferries. “We know Steerprop’s LM configuration saves space in the vessel and brings a greater level of simplicity to the engine room,” says Jukka Jaatinen, Managing Director of Suomenlahden Telakka. “Additionally, it was a more straightforward installation process for us, since the propulsion system is extremely compact with lower weight.”

Now in operation, the electric propulsion system brings greater economic advantages to Finferries. “The diesel engines can run according to the power requirement, and fuel consumption is optimized. The ferry also has a DC link, which allows future upgrades such as adding a battery to the vessel,” states Olli Knihti, Sales Manager at Steerprop.

Steerprop’s solution is ideal for the numerous ferries operating around the world, as regulations become even stricter, not only on a global level but even more so at the local and regional level, such as in the Finnish archipelago.  

“Steerprop is committed to the principle of where meeting customers’ needs is at the core. And only the best will do. This ferry retrofit is good proof that our solutions and way of thinking create great results for our customer and also for the environment,” Knihti continues.

Innovative contra-rotating propeller (CRP)

The Steerprop 10 CRP LM propulsor system offers excellent efficiency. The dual-end CRP combines the exceptional maneuverability of azimuth propulsors with low pressure pulses and noise levels. The integrated vertical permanent magnet motor provides reliable high-power propulsion, increased fuel savings and lower emissions. Steerprop has delivered over 140 CRP units to vessels throughout the world.

For more information, please contact:

Olli Knihti, Sales Manager, Steerprop Ltd., Tel. +358 40 019 1943

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Focusing on innovations that challenge the industry

Our company goal and long-term vision is to bring to the market superior propulsion units with outstanding efficiency, exceptional reliability and the lowest lifecycle costs on the market. This strong product vision has always guided the brilliant minds of the Steerprop R&D department.

As we’re concentrating on creating more efficient propulsors, we plan to lower mechanical losses and improve propulsion efficiency with high-quality propeller designs and by optimizing the shapes of underwater parts. Our gear design specialists, technical analysts and hydrodynamists are working hard toward this end. As we create more efficient propulsion units, we are creating more environmentally friendly solutions, while also providing better returns through lower fuel consumption.

The reliability of our propulsors is essential. They are used in critical operations, such as ice management, on icebreakers, oil platforms, wind farm maintenance vessels and cruise vessels, where any interruption can cause huge losses. Our technical department makes lots of calculations, taking into account challenging conditions in both open and icy waters. For example, our gear designers look at different kinds of load cases so that the propulsor tooth contact patterns are ideal for every condition and situation.

To ensure the best lifecycle costs, we have developed Steerprop Care, our online monitoring service, which enables us to support operational quality. Steerprop Care allows us to turn unplanned disturbances into planned service. For example, we can save customers time and money by monitoring the life of the propulsor unit’s power transmission line. This gives customers the assistance they need to avoid unnecessary downtime and maintenance, which negatively affects lifecycle costs.

Creating a powerful and engaging product vision

To achieve our goals, we are always open to new ideas and developments. This requires close cooperation with our component suppliers and manufacturers, listening to their research projects and continuously learning more.

The maritime industry also presents new challenges. When customers ask us for larger propulsors, this creates more complexities when it comes to material properties and manufacturability. By working in close cooperation with the world’s leading component manufacturers, we can meet these industry challenges. For example, we work in close cooperation with companies that specialize in gears to achieve the proper hardening depths for gear sets. In this way, we can shape the lower body and get even greater results in efficiency.

We’ve developed the CRP ECO product line to focus primarily on improving efficiency. The whole propulsor is pressure lubricated to lower mechanical losses compared with the commonly used oil bath lubrication technology. To ensure reliability, our comprehensive factory tests verify system functionality.

Only the best is good enough for us. We do not make any compromises when it comes to reliability. As we are determined to create even more efficient propulsion systems for the market, we concentrate on optimizing the shape of underwater parts to minimize flow resistance and take greater advantages of the contra-rotating propellers. In our optimization studies, we use model tests and CFD calculations.

Another big development area is our Steerprop LM unit, which uses an integrated permanent magnet (PM) motor that offers much better efficiency compared to a traditional induction electric motor. Moreover, by replacing our upper gear with an LM motor, we get more room in the ship for other components and can also avoid upper gear excitations in the ship hull, which is especially important for cruise vessels. Currently, we are working in close cooperation with our partners to make LM units possible also for larger units.

Steerprop W-series propulsion unit with an integrated permanent magnet (PM) motor.

Teamwork all the way

Creating and executing a strong product vision is not a one-person process or project. Numerous internal and external factors are guiding this process. To succeed, it is important to be surrounded by visionaries and brilliant individuals.

Steerprop’s R&D department has highly motivated in-house experts from many different fields – along with external specialists – working closely together to produce outstanding propulsors. They do their best every day – bringing skills from mechanical design and analyzing, hydraulics, hydrodynamics, materials, and sealing systems to create superior products for our customers.

In this way, we can fulfill our customers’ demands for more efficient and more reliable propulsion systems with the best lifecycle costs on the market.

Jari Vanhatalo

About the author:

Jari Vanhatalo works as R&D Design Team Manager at Steerprop. He has specialized in mechanical analysis while working in various positions on Steerprop design team.

Today as R&D Design Team Manager, he works closely on developing more efficient propulsion system with the best lifecycle cost for the Maritime industry.  Since joining the company, his passion has been to design the most reliable propulsion solution for every customer.

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Steerprop’s response to COVID-19

At Steerprop, the well-being and safety of our customers, partners and employees are of our highest concerns.

Due the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Steerprop has encouraged its employees to work remotely, avoiding travel and face-to-face meetings. Our production unit is running with fewer personnel to secure that our deliveries run as smoothly as possible.

Spare part sales and deliveries will take place as usual. Emergency spares will be sent out during the same day, but non-urgent deliveries may take some additional time due to the situation.

If this situation extends, it may be difficult for us to receive parts from our suppliers, causing delays in our outbound deliveries.

Steerprop Care data analyzing service will not be affected. Only short delays may be possible in our scheduled reporting process. Our Steerprop Service 24/7 number can be reached at all times.

During this unusual time, we are fully committed to providing you with the best customer care and service possible. All of our team members can be reached by phone or email and are happy to answer your questions.