New W series of propulsors

Proudly introducing Steerprop W series propulsors

Azimuth propulsors have been used successfully for years in all types of vessels worldwide. They replace a conventional propeller and rudder by using a 360° rotating propeller unit to increase a ship’s maneuverability and reduce the amount of space required inside the hull. Now, Steerprop is ready with its newly designed W series of propulsors to help today’s vessels reach the next level of efficiency.

Since the turn of the millennium, Steerprop has delivered its advanced azimuth propulsors to hundreds of vessels to enable them to operate with higher efficiency. The purpose of this latest redesign was to make the propulsors better in all aspects by using carefully chosen manufacturing methods that have evolved over time and best suit current requirements.

This has led to propulsors with outstanding performance capabilities and improved cost efficiency. Special by design, the new W series propulsors are ready to offer unmatched versatility with unrivaled potential, even for hybrid solutions.

The increased modular design flexibility of the new series of propulsors makes them ideal for all types of ships, regardless of the task at hand.

The propulsor’s high hydrodynamic efficiency is exceptional for its class due to the shape of the frame. When high bollard pull is needed, nozzles with outstanding hydrodynamics can be added.

More mechanically robust and simplified construction improves durability and leads to better flexibility, one of the key design principles from the start of the new series. This allows the propulsor to be easily adapted to all different kinds of operations. The electrical turning gear comes standard.

Better cost effectiveness has been achieved through modularity and by using carefully selected manufacturing technologies available.

Janne Martikainen

According to Janne Martikainen, Chief Design Engineer at Steerprop and project leader, the redesign was a two-year-long project, involving the input of a wide group of people from different departments, including mechanical and electrical engineering, production and sales.
Janne and the group feel the wide-ranging, yet close teamwork of this way of working enabled them to produce an unquestionably better product.



This process shortened the time to design a unit acceptable to all departments within Steerprop. It even made production smoother for the redesigned cutting-edge propulsor.
When the W series was ready for market launch, the sales team already knew it well.

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