Customer satisfaction – priority one

Quality management is at the foundation of all Steerprop operations. Over the last two decades, Steerprop has built a reputation for delivering high-grade propulsors tailored to specific requirements. Our foremost priority is to ensure our customers receive the best propulsors on the market, designed for their needs. Determined and experienced in the pursuit of quality design and manufacturing, Steerprop has developed comprehensive quality policy guidelines and processes, which have been DNV-GL certified since 2010.

We strive to deliver flawless propulsors that exceed our customer expectations. This kind of consistent quality requires attention, diligence and commitment, with propulsors tailor-made to ensure next-level efficiency – regardless of the vessel profile.

Well-defined methods, standardized routines and structured policies guarantee that expectations are always met and often exceeded – despite the wide design variations. To standardize our excellence, we have developed strict quality policy guidelines and a specialized in-house quality process to regulate our product development lifecycle.

Our management is committed to continuous product and process improvement, focusing on progressive performance enhancements every step along the way.

Our customers are always our focus. We strive to understand their needs and use our expertise to develop products to fit their requirements and seamlessly fit the other systems they use. Our customers’ satisfaction is what drives our business.

Our products are at the forefront of propulsor technology, with the latest innovations to make sure our customers receive advanced, efficient and reliable propulsor solutions. We build quality in – from planning, through design and manufacture, to service planning and support throughout our products’ lifetime.

Often using independent assessment, Steerprop manages quality in all ways, at all times:

  • Regular internal audits, with special in-house quality assessment
  • Auditing of partners and suppliers, to maintain Steerprop quality
  • Annual management reviews to foster continual improvement
  • DNV-GL certified, including ISO 9001:2015, with annual inspections.

Managing quality also means handling customer complaints. Steerprop treats this, rare though it be, as a priority – with long-term satisfaction always as our ultimate goal.

About the author:

According to Maiju Tsokkinen, Quality Manager at Steerprop, managing quality means being consumer-focused in every department and operation. Maiju mentions how much she enjoys working with customers and emphasizes that one of the biggest challenges is to maintain top quality in tailor-made projects – which is how Steerprop earned its reputation and where it excels. Just ask our customers.

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