Every building needs a solid, strong foundation, just as every company needs strong cornerstones for their foundational values. This is the foundation on which to realize our full vision.

The four cornerstones of Steerprop are: 

  1. Environmental awareness
  2. Performance
  3. Flexibility
  4. Reliability

All our efforts are upheld by these cornerstones, and all our best results are grounded in a deep understanding of our mission.

Environmental awareness

Protecting the marine environment is very important to us. We use sustainable design and production methods for Steerprop azimuth propulsors, with the latest, most efficient seal technology. Our high-efficiency solutions reduce fuel consumption.


Propulsor efficiency influences both vessel performance and fuel consumption, which are most important for total lifetime economy. Steerprop propulsors are designed to deliver performance – excellent, durable and economical at all times.


A small organization has flexibility. And this is also the basic philosophy behind our azimuth propulsors. Our adaptable and innovative team of experts provides owners and operators with exactly the products and services they require, how they need them and where.


Reliability has an immense impact on total lifecycle economy and safety of operation. Great efforts go into Steerprop propulsors to make sure they are the most well-designed and dependable azimuth propulsors available. Steerprop products are always kept as simple and fail-safe as possible.