Steerprop joins European Tugowners’ Association to enhance information sharing

During summer 2019, Steerprop joined the European Tugowners’ Association (ETA), which represents the interests of the towage sector at the EU level. This new membership aims to strengthen Steerprop’s ability to gain insight on evolving trends in the tug market sector and offers the company an opportunity to share knowledge about the latest propulsion development with other members.  

The European Tugowners’ Association has transformed over the years from a purely London-based association in 1963 to now representing the towage industry at a continental level. The association advocates the tug sector’s interests both in Brussels as well as in other European capitals and helps distribute information about the crucial role of this sector for the EU economies.

According to Tapio Aho, Sales Development Manager for Steerprop, this new membership allows Steerprop to keep up to date with the latest developments in the tug market and to participate in the association’s events.

“We’re also looking forward to meeting the decision-makers in the sector. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our knowledge of how the technology for main propulsion is developing and the benefits that Steerprop has to offer this particular workboat sector,” he says.

The ETA mission

The European Tugowner’s Association’s mission statement is: To be the voice of the European towage industry, to foster safety values and protection of the environment as well as to promote the interests and respond to the needs of the members.

Through policy and technical expertise, sharing best practice, and public affairs and communication activities, ETA aims to promote the towage industry interests and its contribution to EU trade. It also plays a significant role in implementing safety and sustainability in maritime activities.

Steerprop’s contribution to tugboats

Specifically for tugs and workboats, where endurance, reliability and agility are essential, Steerprop offers specialized designs and world-class expertise. The company’s ducted propulsors have proven their quality in tugboats all over the world. The latest generation of propulsors raises efficiency and robustness to unprecedented levels. They offer hydrodynamic enhancements for superior bollard pull and high free-running efficiency. With ice conditions or transit, Steeprop’s CRP is the right choice.

For more information:
Tapio Aho, Sales Development Manager, Steerprop Tel. +358 40 727 1203

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