In shipping, it’s not easy being green

In a competitive international shipping industry, it’s not easy to balance environmental concerns with business demands.

But the world is changing, and something needs to be done. After all, 97% of all research shows that climate change is caused by humans and is harmful to the earth and everyone on it. And shipowners should also be willing to change their ways. If not, there are new regulations and prohibitive fee structures in place to encourage them to do so.

Sure, there’s a lot of talk in boardrooms about the issue of climate change and what to do about it. But business is business.

When capital is tight, shipowners and financiers tailor investment strategies to address short-term budgetary constraints. Too often, they are not in thinking of the environmental benefits of making a wise large capital investment that will pay out considerable operational savings down the road.

A shipowner, for example, might consider investing in a new ship – or upgrading an existing vessel – with an energy-efficient hybrid or electric propulsion system based on a permanent magnet (PM) machine that not only delivers long-term cost savings but also helps the environment. But these high-end components are often the first to be axed if a company is looking to keep costs in line in the near term.

At Steerprop, we think this needs to change. Therefore, we encourage the industry to take a more long-term view. It might cost more up front to invest in new technologies. However, the future savings from increased efficiency coupled with more eco-friendly operations can quickly lead to a sizeable return on investment. Upgrading to newer technologies means making a difference in the short run, while also future-proofing your vessels for the long term.

At Steerprop, we design each of our propulsor systems with unrivaled reliability, energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements – helping limit overall costs. Plus, you can reach the dock quicker, because azimuth propulsors allow excellent maneuverability.

Moreover, integrating our propulsors with the latest PM machines reduces the system footprint and makes it easier to install them into the vessel. Together, these technologies lower energy consumption and deliver more added value over the vessel’s lifetime. What’s more, each of our propulsor units features a Steerprop Care condition monitoring system. This tool provides predictive maintenance oversight that enables service scheduling at future port stops to help eliminate the need for emergency repairs on the high seas. As a result, we can help maintain service intervals that are significantly longer than any other system supplier on the market.

These are just the latest capabilities of a company that has proven dedication, experience and expertise. Since 2000, we have supplied over 800 propulsors to cruise, arctic, passenger, workboat and offshore vessels, as well as outfitted more than 85 ice-class units and made deliveries to 8 icebreakers. Now, with solutions such as Steerprop propulsors integrated with PM machines, we’ve begun a green revolution in the maritime industry. Our aim is not just to save fuel and improve operational performance – but also to shape the future of the world’s environment.


About the author:

Mika Koli heads up the Sales and Marketing for Steerprop. Since joining the company in March 2018, his vision has been to drive a lasting change for the world by enabling vessels to operate in an environmentally sustainable and future-proof way.

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