Havyard and Esvagt chooses Steerprop’s LM propulsor

Steerprop has signed a contract to provide the main propulsion for Esvagt’s service operation vessel. The vessel will be built in the Havyard shipyard. Cooperation between Steerprop, Esvagt and Havyard has existed for a long time, and all three companies are highly motivated to develop new, innovative solutions for the maritime industry.

The order consists of three vessels to be equipped with next-generation Steerprop propulsors, SP 20 W D LM, which offer increased modularity, design flexibility, high hydrodynamic efficiency and mechanical robustness. The simplified LM propulsor construction is at the top of its class.

By utilizing the latest technologies, Steerprop LM propulsors will deliver increased overall performance. The propulsors are equipped with an in-built permanent magnet motor to create an integrated unit.

For maximum reliability and service access, Steerprop designed the electric motor inside the vessel hull, instead of outside the hull below the waterline, as is typical. To achieve this, a vertical electric motor with permanent magnet rotor was selected.

Auxiliary systems to the propulsor are not usually taken into account when calculating propulsion efficiency, although their normal operation with constant speed uses a lot of energy. By optimizing the energy consumption of the auxiliary system, total propulsive efficiency can improve by up to 1%.

Senior Sales Manager and Hydrodynamics Specialist Hannu Jukola emphasizes that from the first day Steerprop and its skilled personnel have focused on developing the best propulsors for the maritime market. The company combines the latest technology, carefully selected manufacturing methods, robust construction and best hydrodynamic efficiency on the market.

“We are on the path to define the next generation of propulsors to provide vessels all around the world with the best lifecycle costs, sustainable profit and a small carbon footprint,” he continues.

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