Successful project management propels us forward

The key to successful project management is simple: we always need to deliver on time and without any extra costs. This is critical in each project.

Over the years, Steerprop has built up a solid reputation among our customers for excellent project management, specifically for these reasons. We’ve focused on setting the bar high for ourselves by choosing responsible project managers who have excellent communication skills, strong technical backgrounds and are outstanding team players.

One thing that makes our project management style unique is that we take responsibility for all aspects of our projects, including the classification process. While this means more time and responsibility for us, it also gives us better control over the projects we work with. As a result, our customers benefit considerably. That’s because of our wider commitment to ensuring each project reaches a successful completion and gives them exactly what they asked for.

We use various programs to track each project’s progress. All documentation, including any agreed-upon changes, are saved online in one unified place. This allows everyone involved in the project instant access to detailed information at any time.

We work hard to keep our projects on course and make sure that our suppliers deliver the required components both on time and up to quality standards. If any component delivery is late, there may be project delays. This is when communication with our customers is highly important.

Our style is such that we are always honest with our customers. Should anything steer our projects off course, we let them know immediately. Steerprop has highly skilled personnel who are committed to putting in additional hours to solve any problems that may arise.

For any problem we run into, I know there’s always a solution. Sometimes, it is easy to find. Other times, it can be challenging. Regardless, we just closely work with every department, supplier and customer to make sure our fast communication and flexibility result in successful project delivery.

We also make sure to ask our customers for feedback on meeting their expectations and how well they feel their expectations were met. This is how we can single out ways to improve on our delivery. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be happy. Pleasingly, our proactive management style has received good feedback. Recently, the manager of a Russian shipyard asked for a face-to-face meeting to express his satisfaction with an ongoing project. 

Another – and possibly most important – component to Steerprop’s success in project management is our highly skilled and talented personnel. We believe in motivating each other through humor and a positive attitude. This, in turn, allows us to give our best to our customers, helping them complete their projects on time and within budget.

We feel this is something we always do well – because it’s simply the Steerprop way.

About the author:

Juha Jusi has worked as Project Manager at Steerprop for nearly two years. Before starting at the company, he was involved in project management in various fields for many years. 

In his opinion, successful project management requires proactive communications, complete honesty and outstanding teamwork. These are some of the main reasons Steerprop has earned its unrivaled reputation for excellent project management among customers worldwide.

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