Remontowa W-series

New-generation Steerprop propulsion units for Polish Remontowa Shipyard being constructed

Two new multipurpose vessels, built by Remontowa Shipbuilding using Steerprop W series propulsion units, are now actively being constructed.

The project got its official start in March 2018, when the contract for construction and delivery was signed between Remontowa Shipbuilding SA and Szczecin Maritime Authority. Then, in June 2018, Steerprop became involved in the project. The company was contracted to supply two propulsion unit ship sets, each including a pair of Steerprop SP 25 WD propulsion units with a control system.

First in many ways

The Steerprop SP 25 W D type of propulsion units are the first in our new ‘workboat series’. The SP 25 W D unit’s lower part housing part is made of cast steel, compared to the previous Steerprop SP 25 D housing of separate bent and welded steel parts. Also, some other SP 25 W D unit structures, such as nozzles, feature improved designs compared to the traditional SP 25 D.

These are the first Steerprop products to receive PRS (Polish Register of Shipping) classification. Furthermore, since the class notation for the vessels will be PRS L1 ice class, this will be a new vessel category for PRS.

Advanced propulsion for excellent performance

Thanks to a flexible diesel-electric propulsion system, the 60-meter-long vessels will feature excellent maneuverability and dynamic positioning performance. In addition, with a deadweight capacity of 350 tons, they can achieve a solid bollard pull of 40 tons at a speed of 15 knots. Additionally, sustainability built into the propulsion system’s design will lower fuel consumption and corresponding emissions.

The delivery of the first propulsion set to Remontowa’s shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, is scheduled for early spring 2019. The second set will be delivered in summer later the same year. Both vessels are expected to be ready for service by June 2020.

Multipurpose all around – year round

The new vessels will be used for key statutory tasks for Poland’s Maritime Authorities in the ports of Szczecin and Gdynia in Poland, replacing two aging buoy tenders – Planeta and Zodiak – in use since 1982.

Their service will mainly include inspection, maintenance, transportation and replacement of navigational buoys. However, the vessels will also be fitted for hydrographic tasks, such as depth measurement, data processing and map amendment. And in case of emergencies at sea, they will be capable of emergency response, including towing operations, oil spill recovery, firefighting and other search-and-rescue tasks.

To further enhance their year-round buoy tender capabilities, both of them will feature high-impact icebreaking power, therefore making them capable of efficient ice management operations in the wintertime. With the advanced design and robust mechanical construction of their propulsion systems, icebreaking endurance will be built-in.

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