24/7 On-Call Service

We back up our azimuth propulsors with world-class service, available to support you anywhere, at all times.

We deliver this through Steerprop 24/7 On-Call Service. Our service network works in cooperation with our international partners and ensures rapid response times, quick resolution and global availability.

Reliability and ease of maintenance are inherent in the Steerprop azimuth propulsors. Still, proper maintenance and correct operational procedures are still important for safe, efficient operation. That’s why Steerprop provides training for your staff, on request.

  • Every propulsor assembled at our factory is tested as an entire unit before leaving our premises
  • Fast and professional service: tailor-made solutions for our customers’ needs
  • 5-year service interval: full overhaul every 15 years or 100,000 hours

Steerprop 24/7 On-Call Service

Telephone: +358 400 321 890

Steerprop Care condition monitoring service

Steerprop Care, our condition monitoring system, is included as a fully integrated part of every propulsor delivery. It allows crew members to follow machinery trends and detect any deviation in advance that could affect the propulsion system.

This offers shipowners and crew the highest possible reliability, based on enhanced predictability, safety and productivity. By taking a proactive approach, costly breakdowns can be avoided.

Steerprop Care Standalone

The Steerprop Standalone version with the Steerprop Care App comes as a fully integrated part of every propulsor delivery after August 2019. Specifically designed for propulsion monitoring, the system gives you information about the alarms, trends, time waveforms and spectrums. With Steerprop Care Standalone, the crew is responsible for monitoring the propulsion system.
If help is needed with analysis, the graphs are easy to share with Steerprop engineers from the app.

Steerprop Care Plus

Steerprop Care Plus transfers the monitoring work to our Steerprop engineers, who follow your propulsion system trends and notify the crew of any development that may cause future disturbances. Steerprop Care Plus monitors the complete propulsion system, including vibration along with signals and alarms from the control system, using advanced techniques based on AI and machine learning.

Steerprop Care Premium

Steerprop Care Premium comes with all the features from the Plus version. It includes additional vibration measurement points and monitors the main electrical motor. Additional oil monitoring sensors measure the oil condition to check for particles and water contamination along with the ageing of the oil. This ensures a good lubrication condition throughout the entire lifecycle of the propulsion unit.

Fleet Overview

A real-time fleet overview, with an informative view of the propulsion system condition, allows our customers, such as fleet managers, to follow their fleet’s propulsion system condition, regardless of time or place. The fleet overview works through a browser and requires no additional software installation making it easy to set up and maintain.

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