We support our customers whenever, wherever, to assure their propulsion assets stay operative. The utility and performance of our customer’s assets is our primary concern. We believe well maintained assets are a key component of our customer’s success. We take pride in fast, professional response, always on call - that’s our resolve to perform.

Steerprop Services comprises:

  • Original Spare Parts
  • Lifecycle Solutions
  • Steerprop Care

Original Spare Parts

Steerprop is dedicated to supplying OEM quality spare parts or replacement parts for our supplied units during their entire lifecycle. We maintain a healthy stock of consumables in our warehouse in Rauma. In addition, we stock a variety of long lead-time items to ensure shortest possible downtime to our customer’s assets.

In case any of the components used would become obsolete with no support nor availability by respective manufacturer, we will notify the customers through the Technical Bulletins we issue. We tackle this kind of issues by introducing replacement parts well in advance, assuring there are no interruptions to our customer’s operations.

Lifecycle Solutions

Our aim is to make the fleet manager’s job as easy as possible. We do this by providing access to on-line technical documentation for the Steerprop scope of supply of every vessel we have ever equipped. Our service can be reached 24/7 to assist in distress, wherever the customer’s asset may be, whenever.

More recent deliveries have been equipped with a Remote Service Module (RSM-module) for allowing remote access to the system from Steerprop’s office. With this system we can troubleshoot the delivered equipment remotely to guide the customer through any possible difficulties, and perhaps save a costly trip of a service engineer. It should be emphasized that the remote system isn’t connected at all times as this is not allowed by classification societies. The remote connection must always be requested and agreed upon in advance, and the unit on board needs to be on-line for the connection to be established.

Steerprop provides a variety of Service Level Agreements, for further peace of mind and assurance of the condition of the assets. All agreements are built around Steerprop Care since we truly believe that with Steerprop Care our customers’ assets are in the best of hands.

Contact our Services if you want to learn more about our Service Level Agreements.

Steerprop Care

The Steerprop Care condition monitoring system offers shipowners and crew the highest possible reliability, based on enhanced predictability, safety and productivity. By taking a proactive approach, costly breakdowns and downtime can be avoided.

Steerprop Care is included as a fully integrated part of every propulsor delivery, which allows crew members to follow machinery trends and detect any deviation that could affect the propulsion system in advance.

Steerprop Care is available on three levels:

  • Care Standalone
  • Care Plus
  • Care Premium

The Care Standalone is the basic level of condition monitoring, and is integrated into every propulsor/unit delivery. In the Steerprop Care App it is easy to monitor the condition of the propulsion system. The information is easy to share with our PDM engineers when help is needed with any kind of equipment matter.

Steerprop Care App

The next service level is Care Plus, which, in addition to the Care Standalone level of services, transfers the data to the cloud where data analytics turns the data into information. The Steerprop monitoring team follows the data trends and delivers reports to the crew at agreed intervals, along with everyday support. Care Plus monitors the entire propulsion system, including vibration, along with signals and alarms from the control system, using advanced techniques based on AI and machine learning.

Care Premium includes, in addition to the Steerprop Care Plus services, enhanced vibration measurement capability and monitors the main electric motor and the lubrication oil condition.

We can also help a busy Fleet Manager, who is responsible for checking the status of several vessels, through our subscription service called Fleet Overview, which provides a real-time, at-a-glance dashboard of the condition of an entire fleet’s propulsion systems.

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