Steerprop ARC and PULL ARC

Dependability is especially critical in harsh arctic environments. The Steerprop ARC and PULL ARC arctic azimuth propulsor lines have been designed and built with multiple layers of redundancies and fail-safes for reliable, efficient and safe operations in the most extreme operating conditions. These advanced propulsors combine ice-breaking power with the reliability of mechanical construction and the accurate controls of modern automation technology.

SP ARC and PULL ARC propulsion units


  • Selected models available up to 12,000 kW (depending on ice class and application requirements) in the most demanding polar ice-classes
  • Pulling open propeller
  • Applications: vessels with high ice class and icebreakers

Main benefits

  • Pulling open propeller
  • Effective ice milling (PULL ARC)
  • Good ice management with propeller wash

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The icebreaking rescue vessel Baltika with SP 60 PULL units