Steerprop R

The Steerprop retractable azimuth thrusters set the benchmark for Dynamic Position (DP) performance.

Working closely with customers who operate in some of the most challenging environments and demanding tasks, we recognized a growing demand for Steerprop's quality and reliability in retractable azimuth thrusters. Instead of rushing into the design table, Steerprop took a comprehensive approach, engaging in extensive discussions with a range of stakeholders, including designers, shipbuilders, and end-users. By combining Steerprop's decades of expertise in azimuth thrusters with the latest design and testing tools, the company developed Steerprop retractable azimuth thrusters.

These thrusters not only adhere to industry standards but also maintain Steerprop's stringent criteria, prioritizing energy efficiency, top-notch quality, dependability, and ease of use and maintenance. The Steerprop retractable azimuth thrusters signify a remarkable leap in enhancing DP performance, establishing new industry benchmarks, and elevating the overall capabilities of propulsion systems.

Steerprop R


  • Power from 900 to 3,500 kW

  • L-drive or integrated permanent magnet motor drive

  • Possibility to select the propeller diameter based on the performance requirement and space available - max 3.2 m.

  • Applications: offshore vessels, expedition cruise, special vessels

  • Hydraulic retracting and locking

Main benefits

  • Minimized need of maintenance

  • Designed for demanding DP applications

  • Designed for high speed DP

  • Compact design with possibility to adjust the propeller diameter

Dimension Drawings

Now it’s fast and easy to incorporate the Steerprop solutions into your initial concept design. You will find a set of technical drawings of our products, including weights and dimensions, in our Drawing Database.