Steerprop T

The development of the Steerprop T azimuth propulsors is evidence of our commitment to the tug market. The SP T meets our customers’ most stringent demands.

The new design has improved flexibility, increased modularization and scalability, while maximizing the bollard pull per engine’s power input. These robust and hydrodynamically efficient propulsors are able to adapt to different requirements, configurations and versatile operations with mechanical, hybrid or electrical prime movers.

The SP T is designed with simplicity and ease of serviceability in mind, and thanks to Steerprop’s core philosophy, maintenance arrangements are flexible and cost efficient, with seamless remote support. To further ensure safe and efficient operations, SP T propulsion units can include our condition monitoring system, Steerprop Care, as a fully integrated part of the delivery, with a simplified set-up to suit the tug industry’s needs.

SP T Series propulsion unit


  • Power range from 1,000 to 2,800 kW
  • Z-drive, J-drive or integrated permanent magnet motor drive
  • Different propeller and nozzle sizes available
  • Applications: tugs and workboats

Main benefits

  • The modular and flexible design enables various configurations
  • Suits a wide range of input speeds
  • High-efficiency nozzles and larger propellers for increased bollard pull
  • Rated for unlimited tug use of gears and main components
  • Serviceability as a key design driver
  • Lower body of cast steel for better hydrodynamic performance and high durability