Our values at Steerprop are based on a shared understanding of what we believe, why we are doing what we do and how we act on our beliefs. These core values provide a set of guidelines to shape our culture both internally and externally. They provide an impetus and a filter for all our actions, on a daily basis.

Steerprop values are specifically inherent to us and what we’re all about. The phrases, in juxtaposition, underline our drive to balance opposing forces – water and ice, nature and man – capturing a contra-rotating motion, the steering with propulsion that is our unique combined strength.

These values propel us forward and steer us in new directions that allow us to excel in marine. 


Our world needs a new paradigm, one where genius and teamwork can come together to create marvelous new possibilities. 

At Steerprop, we have some of the world’s top experts in their specific highly specialized and difficult fields. 

Yet all of us, from sales rep to chief design engineer, are comfortable working together and form exponential growth of collective genius. 

Our name says it all, one from two – Steerprop. We are steered by the mind and propelled by nature.

For us, this means combining our two best assets, genius design and passion for the sea, to offer customers an engaged performance that is truly impressive. Our souls sing when we synchronize with the rhythms of the sea.

With us, there are no limits to what we are willing to explore.

Our solutions function at the highest level, yet their industry-leading flexibility allows for options not yet thought possible. 

Our teams are dedicated to focused work that expands the horizon to offer ships the freedom to power through ice and water with ease, in any direction. 

Our purpose is clear – to innovate answers that will help turn the seas blue again. 

We embrace the most challenging questions with enthusiasm, discovering ways to simplify the complex, to clarify the obscure. 

Our designs are simplified to the point of elegance and provide shipowners with a reliability and sustainability never seen before at the sea. 

The time is now. For too long human progress has been a burden to the nature. 

Steerprop takes what we know of nature and what we have learned about technology and creates harmony, the two working together. 

Now is the time for technology to heal, not harm, and we shall put our skills to work in the marine space to make that happen.