Endurance, reliability and agility are essential for workboat propulsion. We meet these challenges with our specialized designs and world-leading expertise. Our ducted propulsors have proven their quality worldwide for decades. The latest generation raises efficiency and robustness even higher, offering lighter-weight construction with hydrodynamic enhancements for superior bollard pull and high free-running efficiency.

SP 10-80

Faithful to tradition

Time-tested technology with a modern design

  • Power range 800–7,000 kW
  • Z-drive or L-drive configuration
  • Open or ducted propeller
  • Modern electrical azimuthing
  • Direct diesel engine or electric motor prime mover

The basic line of Steerprop azimuth propulsors is designed by combining proven technologies with the latest 3D-design software and calculation methods. The result is superior quality azimuth propulsors with an excellent lifetime economy.

DUCTED UNITS IN CONFINED SPACE – Steerprop shallow draft solutions

  • Special structure in a large mounting arrangement
  • Allows the top of the duct to be at or even above the hull surface level
  • Makes larger ducted units available, also in shallow draft applications

Our Shallow Draft option for ducted units allows larger propellers and ducts to be applied in limited space, without going below ship baseline. Serviceability is maintained and thrust is hardly impaired, as only the less effective top of the nozzle is lost in the shallow draft version.

SP 35 W D