Azimuth Propulsion

Azimuth propulsors have, due to their superior manoeuvrability and operational versatility, become the propulsion norm for various ship types. The agility expected in ship-assist tugs or the novel operation modes of most modern icebreakers, like ice-milling and ice management, can only be achieved with azimuthal propulsion units.

To ensure safe and efficient operations, Steerprop propulsion units always include our condition monitoring system, Steerprop Care, as a fully integrated part of the delivery.

Wide range of Steerprop propulsors 

All Steerprop propulsors match each application and are built up to 12 MW for ice classes or 15 MW for open water. Many different factors influence the choice of the right propulsion type. Our experts are here to help you choose the best solution for your need. Contact us for more detailed information.

Steerprop product portfolio

Steerprop propulsion units are available with two options for prime mover arrangement: LM unit with integrated permanent magnet motor or Z-drive with horizontal motor. We also offer several mounting options: through hull from above, in two parts or from below.

Two options for prime mover arrangement
LM unit (left) or Z-drive unit (right)

Azimuth Propulsion Solutions